Rest & Results:

A Leadership Retreat for the Rest of Us

Tulum, Mexico

Five sunny days and six magical nights
in a luxury, beachside villa, to:

Take action on your current or next project.

Applicants will pick one big scary project that will be the focus of your time on the retreat. Dream big. And then dream BIGGER.

Leave with 25%, 50%, or 100% of it DONE.

Finally. Go home with a task list for what’s left.
Map out your professional plan for the next 12 months.

Upgrade your leadership

Delegate like a boss, even if you’re a one-person-shop.
Command difficult conversations with kindness and confidence.
Pitch your dream partnerships and stop feeling like a nobody.

Pay for retreats like this in full.

Financially advocate for yourself ethically and abundantly.
Yes, that means figure out how to charge what you need while still having a regulated nervous system.

Build an actual squad.

You WILL meet like-minded, non-competitive, encouraging, and accomplished new friends.
You will NOT be the smartest, most ambitious, or most motivated person in the room.
One thing about me is: I don’t mess with duds.

We could do this over Zoom. Or, we could do it here:

In beautiful Tulum, Mexico...

All included amenities:

Down time in your own private or shared room

A private chef in our gourmet kitchen from breakfast to dinner, who can accommodate most dietary needs.

Our own event concierge for the entire week to help you access local activities – everything from cave diving tours to shopping to spa treatments. 

Private pool, chaise lounges, and sunny weather.

Beach access from your bedroom.

Beautiful welcome gifts to ensure you feel fancy!

Another thing about me is:
If you’ve been to one of my events, you know I pour so much care and attention into every detail.

“Sara, this sounds amazing! But I’m not sure if I belong here.”

First of all: That’s what they want you to think.

Second of all, I am envisioning this retreat for guests who:
  • Were hoping to take a big trip this year anyway, so you might as well make it a business expense. 

  • Believe that we deserve rest, luxury, and to be cared for. (And often get our best ideas when we’re not working.)

  • Have a specific project you are working on. This might be: Your book outline and first three chapters; your website structure and copy; your marketing plan; your TED talk; your entire business plan; or something else. Put it in your application and we’ll brainstorm to see if this retreat is going to be useful for you.

  • Value being surrounded by people who are genuinely happy for your achievements and don’t gatekeep their own “secrets to success.” 

  • Are not married to martyrdom or committed to excuses. Even when the excuses are real. 

  • Are part of historically excluded and marginalized communities and don’t like attending events where you have to wait for the one workshop on “diversity issues.”

  • Are leaders, managers, or entrepreneurs. Hint: You are not required to operate your own business in order to attend. Double hint: Let’s see if we can get your job to sponsor your registration.

  • Want to learn about your own leadership style, skills and strengths, so you can be the kind of manager you wish you had. 

  • Are ready to receive financial support in exchange for your professional and personal gifts. 

  • Want to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip and feel like a real housewife. (This event is not women-only but you get the idea.)

  • Are willing to get out of your usual work-setting in order to finally complete that big project you have been dreaming of.

About your Host:

Hi, I’m Sara.

I started my first business, a private therapy practice, in 2018.

From day one (OK, maybe day 97), I saw the benefits of investing in high-quality business coaching and have continued my entrepreneurial education ever since. I’ve been mentored by coaches, professional networking groups, successful colleagues in my field, entrepreneurship accelerator programs, and basically all the books and podcasts I could find.

All along the way, I kept giving back and helping my fellow business owners. I didn’t intend to become a coach. But as I realized I was getting the same types of questions, and that my answers were helping people transform their businesses, I started to pay attention.

The only thing I love more than providing therapy is helping therapists and other professionals feel more confident about “the business side of things.”

Our Agenda

Let me just say again – that this is a retreat. It’s an opportunity to experience some spaciousness while you learn how to be a leader. Yes, even if you are a solo business, you are a leader.

So if you think this is going to be some hustle-based learning program – think again.

Every day will feature one learning session facilitated by an expert, and one working session where you will get sh*t done on your own or in small groups.

That’s it. There are two sessions each day.

You will have plenty of time for relaxing on your own or enjoying the in-house amenities such as massage appointments, tastings, and movie night!

You are welcome to attend everything over 5 days, or create your own agenda.

This agenda is a work in progress since we are co-creating it with your needs in mind. If you have an idea or a request for a topic – include it in your application!

Day 1: Visioning
Learning session:

Creative exercises to let your truest inner motivation guide you, without the distractions of comparison, FOMO, or made-up timelines. The direction for your next big project will reveal itself.

How to build a framework for your idea. Prompts and templates for getting your project out of your heart and into the world.

Working session:

Implement the prompts and guidance from our workshop to brainstorm + develop your project in small groups.

Day 2: This time, it’s personal.
Learning session:

All things digital marketing: How to “get” social media; maximize your email list; how to screen for your ideal client.

For leadership: How to practice culture building and have difficult conversations.

Working session:

Dig deeper to differentiate. Explore your personal blueprint – that is the key to your marketing and will tell you who you are looking for. Group exercise on your strengths.

For leadership: identifying your values, mission statement, and purpose so that you build the right team.

Day 3: Done is better than perfect
Learning session:

Nail down your logistics
Now that you know what you want to offer, how do you invite people to it? How to implement systems and software; budgeting and pricing your offer.

Working session:

Set up your welcoming sequence; write the web copy; outline the talk; finalize the budget; everything you need to invite your people so when they are ready to sign you are ready to welcome them in!

Day 4: What am I missing?
Learning session:

How to describe who you are and what you do. Share your idea with your peers; present it to us as though we are compassionate possible clients.

Working session:

Take the feedback from your peers to answer questions, add to your offer, prepare for objections. Prepare testimonial forms, surveys.

Day 5: Celebrate!
Learning session:

Map out the next steps for when you get home, and a timeline for the next 3-6 months.

Working session:

Press send – and celebrate!

Ready to join us for Rest & Results Retreat?

Registration costs and options:

Shared Room
(Two Queen Beds)

Registration INCLUDES:

$3,500 per person to share a bedroom.
(4 rooms available)

Private Room
(One King Bed)

Registration INCLUDES:

$5,000 per person for your own room.
(6 rooms available)

Registration DOES NOT Include:

Payment plan option available:

$1,500 deposit, plus four payments of $375 or $875 depending on your room

What we will do: